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MeWithPenguinsThe Internet is awash with travel blogs, many of which have the word “frugal” in them but are full of links to platinum credit cards with $500 annual fees and pictures of fancy airport lounges in expensive cities.

Hi, I’m TProphet, and this site is different. I have traveled to every continent on the planet and have been around the world both clockwise and counterclockwise, but I’m not independently wealthy. Instead, I have done it by flying airlines like LOT, China Eastern and Aeroflot and traveling in the back of the plane. You’ll find me sitting in the middle seat, all the way in the back, next to the toilets, but smiling the whole way because that seat was ridiciculously cheap or even free!

And that’s why I chose the name #Seat31B. No elite status here. Last in line for boarding priority. No upgrades, no lounge access, and “whatever nobody else wanted” is the meal choice (good thing the toilets are close). Despite my penchant for consistently finding the worst possible seat in economy class, I have managed to see a lot of the world and have even lived in 4 different countries. Among the more interesting places I have visited are Armenia, Suriname, North Korea and Antarctica (along with more conventional places like New Zealand). A lot of friends and people I meet ask “how do you do it?” The answers are sometimes pretty complicated and the landscape is constantly shifting. When I find an interesting tip, trick, or offer, I’ll write about it, and I will write about my own travels as well. Even if you decide that using some of the more unorthodox free travel methods is not for you, I hope you will at least find some inspiration. The world is an incredible place, so get out and see it!

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  1. Dizzy says:

    Love the idea of this site! I am also a budget traveller though I’ve used a couple “nicer” hacks like IHG Big Win to get hotel rooms for cheap (we’re talking like $12/night, and including a meal or two and/or drinks). CS just as much though.

    Will follow your blog and love to hear more about Armenia et al- I’m going to the Caucausus this summer! Always looking for travel buddies too (my friends don’t like to travel so much). Cheers!

  2. Chris says:

    A refreshing anomaly from the frequent flyer set. One of the things I put up with in reading a certain frequent flyer talk web site is the excessive amount of moaning about not getting an upgrade, not having status recognized and being ripped off when redeeming miles for a free ticket. (sorry, I don’t buy that mileage tickets are OWED to anyone). If some of the worst offenders there traveled like you did, they’d stay at home more often and leave more availability to the rest of us. Sure, LAX-SYD in buiness or first is fantastic, but you know what? More people fly that route in coach every day, and amazingly…(gasp!) THEY SURVIVE. Oh. My God. YES! They survive!

  3. Munly Leong says:

    LOL as a cheap ass asian Im highly impressed by this blog. I read some of the first 2 pages, skimmed the rest since I wont need to do anywhere near the travel you’ll need to be doing but the highest complement I can give you is that you deserve an honorary Chinese or Indian passport for the effort and discipline lol

  4. alpet says:

    Hello, I’m new to Seat 31B, but you’re the first to address flying with Czech Airlines, which I am wondering whether or not to do. Using accumulated Delta miles, I think I can get the two of us economy seats on a one-way, Copenhagen to Budapest, in October. Just wondering if you think this is madness? Not sure why I can’t find more information on CSA, even on Flyertalk, which is how I came to discover your quite useful site. Really, any information you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Alisan Peters

    1. TProphet says:

      I have never flown Czech Airlines. Why not try it and submit a guest article about your experience? I’d love to publish it! 🙂

  5. MO says:

    Thanks for the insights, I am also considering travelling to Belarus in May! Maybe we can discuss more details via e-mail.

  6. RwB says:

    The Motor Sich Airliner, Serial # UR – 74026 (Ukrainian(?) Registry) is an Antonov 72/74. A former Soviet Era Military Transport with STOL capabilities. If you look at an enlargement of the original photo – just aft of the cockpit window, you’ll see the aircraft type (rather blurry in your web photo). I was looking for airline liveries to be used at my model airplane club – Christmas Party as part of a trivia contest. When, I chanced upon your site. If you’ve a mind to see pioneer aviation fly, go to – http://oldrhinebeck.org – where I volunteer.

  7. bluecat says:

    I’ve been around this points/travel space for a while now, but thanks to some mentions in TBB, I’ve discovered your blog—and you’ve taught me a few things already. Thanks!
    Is there an email list or an RSS feed that I can sign up for?

  8. GregR says:

    Ditto to many of the above comments. I appreciate the honesty, frugality, and correct grammar! All of these far surpass a million other mile sites. Keep up the great work, TProphet!

  9. Michael Williams says:

    Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to following you and your work.

  10. Ter says:

    Do you have a subscription service ( I like ur stuff)

  11. Ter says:

    Sorry should have read above 1st

  12. Bern says:

    Great Stuff! I love content. Stumbled on your site via a linkback through milestomemories..

    Really enjoy your take on the off beaten path travel perspective, as you mentioned, the landscape is completely flooded with glitzy overpromised pictures of suites/lounges/firstclass seats only if you sign up for ridiculous amounts of credit cards, which these days don’t even net you that much returns anymore.
    It’s sad to see all these devaluations changing the market, so it’s refreshing to read content like yours when someone I decide to become a free agent on hotels/miles programs when it’s really not worth that much of my time anymore..

    A little feedback though (no disrespect, but the red on the floating background page could use some more soothing or eye pleasing color) It bugs me after reading your site for too long, and I’m in a design background..

    Anyways, cheers to more of your great content!

  13. zz says:

    I love your site keep it up !

  14. derek says:

    So sorry you are stuck in Point Roberts, WA. Canada is acting like Nazi with their ultra strict definition of “essential” travel. Actually, there is essential travel that they call non-essential. Even super strict plans of quarantine are not allowed as alternatives.

    They call truckers essential. Well, it’s not. Truckers could lease a Boeing 747 and fly cargo over so even truckers are not essential. Hope they don’t do that!

  15. Al says:

    Have you thought about trying to beat the circumnavigation world record using only scheduled transportation? A la Around the World in Eighty Days.

    Currently the record seems to be held by David Springbett in 44 hours and six minutes according to Wikipedia.

    I feel like that would be an interesting challenge for you!

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