mew mew! it's awardcat!

Want to fly with miles? AwardCat can help!

At AwardCat, our mission is to turn miles into amazing. We created AwardCat because airlines make it hard to use your miles, and we think everyone should be able to have the experiences that we have been lucky enough to enjoy. To us, it’s personal. We know that travel makes us better, and we want to share this experience with you.

What makes us different and special? Experience. The AwardCat team all learned how to fly with miles and points by booking our own travel and helping friends book theirs. Through doing this we have become experts in airline programs, credit card programs, and the best ways to travel for free (or at very low cost).

Most award booking services focus on lie flat seats with fancy champagne. We’re really good at finding these, too. However, the AwardCat team also includes three of the world’s most well-traveled individuals, two of whom travel full time. This means we’re not just another award booking service–we usually know the destinations you’re visiting because we have personally been there (and might even be there right now). We can help you plan anything from a European vacation to a complex round-the-world trip.

From Antarctica to Zambia, Tahiti to Turkmenistan, AwardCat not only knows the best routes, but can also provide you with practical on-the-ground destination advice. Between us, we have visited over 130 countries (and we’re not double counting). We have flown on dozens of airlines, both large and small, so we know what you’re likely to experience on an airline you might not have flown before. Given our extensive local knowledge, we provide options that others miss. And given our in-depth knowledge of airline award programs, we can often save you more in airline fees than you’ll pay us in booking fees.

Of course, not everyone can travel as much as we have, or live the way we do. But everyone can benefit from travel. We are very excited to share our knowledge with you, and to help you plan the perfect trip!